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Community based flood protection group fighting for the preservation of the Dargle river's natural floodplain by restricting building to the high ground.
  1. FLOOD DEFENCES ARE NOT FAIL-SAFE - Flood defences, which we warmly welcome, mean that future flooding is likely to be less deep and less extensive: it does not mean we will never be flooded again.

  2. POTENTIAL FUTURE FLOODING WILL TAKE LONGER TO SUBSIDE - If we are flooded again (due to over-topping of the defences because of extremely high river and sea from heavy rain fall or because of poor maintenance), the flood waters will not be able to get back into the river because of the flood defences: they must be able to leave our homes via the low-lying land on the old golf links, our floodplain.

  3. RESPONSIBLE AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT  - There is planning permission in place till 2020 for a huge development on that floodplain which would block the ‘escape route’ for the flood waters from our homes: we want the State and Wicklow County Council to purchase that land to keep the low land as a linear park, with playing pitches, and to put all building development (like badly needed houses) on the high ground.

  4. REZONE FOR SAFETY - We want Wicklow County Councillors to vote to return that 8.6 acre floodplain to its original and safe ‘Open Space’ zoning so that no developer can ever get permission to build there again.

  5. WHAT NEXT? - We need everybody in our community – and beyond – to lobby their councillors, their TDs, and the Ministers for Finance, for Housing, Planning & Local Government, and for the OPW & Flood Relief:  Click the following Contact details and a suggested message to get help #saveourfloodplain

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